Canyon Snaps

Assorted shots from around the Canyon, that didn't seem to fit neatly into any category. So here they are.

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Lightning near Zoroaster Temple Lightning near Zoroaster Temple, as seen from the South Kaibab Trail.
Ancient granaries Caves in the South Rim, that were once used as granaries by the people of the old Tusayan pueblo.
Pool in Grapevine Creek A close-up of one of the pools in Grapevine Creek, near Lyell Butte, on the Tonto Trail's East leg.
view from the New Hance trail A view from the New Hance Trail, early in the morning.
Escalante Route Looking North from the Escalante Route. As you can see from the prickly pear blossoms and other flowers, it was spring.
slot canyon A small slot canyon near Papago rapids.
tonto trail west Looking north across the river gorge, from the western leg of the Tonto Trail.

And I have a lot of other photos I haven't digitized yet.

As I said on the home page, I'm a late blooming amateur. Sometimes I get lucky, and if I take enough shots, I can get lucky pretty often. It helps to have a magnificent subject like the Canyon to inspire you. But the more I work with cameras, the more I appreciate the human eye.

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