April, the canyon in bloom!

Spring is the most colorful time to be there. There may still be snow on the rim, but wen it falls as rain on the canyon floor it can bloom into a desert garden. These pictures were taken on the same April 1997 hike when Comet Hale-Bopp was in the early evening sky. It was truly a magical week for me.

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Blossoming Yucca on the Tonto Platform Flowering yukka on the Tonto Platform, overlooking a side canyon.
Agave spikes on the Tonto Platform Spiking agave. Sometimes called the "century plant", the agave doesn't really live that long. The flowers of the agave bloom at night, and are pollinated by bats. It only flowers once, then dies.
Fireweed on the Tonto Platform Fireweed in a side canyon on the tonto platform.
Prickley pear blossoms over Granite Gorge Prickly pear blossoms over Granite Gorge.
assorted wildflowers on the Escalante Route Assorted flowers on the Escalante Route. If you click on the image and view fullscreen, it will still probably take you a minuite to pick them all out, but they're there.
blossoming prickly pear Blossoming prickley pear on the Tonto platform.

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